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Flat Earth Posters (Gleason Map)

Flat Earth Posters (Gleason Map)

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The famous Gleason’s map of 1892 is a rare projection of the world and held up by many in the “flat earth” community as a true representation of the Earthly realm we inhabit. Gleason’s work includes text stating the map is “AS IT IS“, and SCIENTIFICALLY AND PRACTICALLY CORRECT, and on the projection of J.S. Christopher of Modern College, Blackheath, England. 

Uncover the mysteries of our world with our captivating Flat Earth Posters. Delve into a realm of alternative perspectives and embark on a thought-provoking journey. Each poster showcases a meticulously crafted flat earth map, captivating viewers with its unique landscapes and celestial wonders. Ignite conversations, challenge assumptions, and explore the depths of curiosity. Our high-quality posters are printed with ensuring vivid colors and exquisite detail. Hang them in your home, office, or classroom to inspire intellectual discussions and invite others to question the status quo.


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Perfect decoration item and gift

Introducing the ultimate gift for the inquisitive minds and a striking addition to any living room wall – our captivating Flat Earth Posters. These meticulously designed artworks combine thought-provoking visuals with impeccable craftsmanship, making them an ideal choice for both decoration and intellectual exploration. Elevate your space and ignite conversations with our extraordinary Flat Earth Posters.